High Quality as a Motto

Our devotion to the highest quality can be observed from our vineyards to the wine bottling, in the way we respect of environment, the land and the wine itself, at each step of the production process.

In our vineyards: organic and chemical free growing (certified since the 2015 vintage), ploughing of the soil, reduction of the yields thanks to strict pruning and green harvesting, manual harvesting in small crates.

In the winery: double sorting of the harvest on the table, natural fermentation in vats, temperature control, maturation in a rejuvenated and renewed oak barrel park, bottling with a light filtration system at the best time for the wine.

A Human Experience

Seguin-Manuel has undergone a major rejuvenation since its acquisition by Thibaut Marion in 2004, 180 years after its foundation in 1824.

Coming from a ten-generation family of winegrowers, Chanson Père & Fils, Thibaut started his career -- and honed his skills for seven years -- at the family winery in Beaune. Today, he puts his experience, passion and energy at the service of the great wines of Burgundy. 

The range has thus been considerably extended through the acquisition of new vineyards et new grape suppliers. Every effort has been made at Seguin-Manuel to let the wines express their natural balance and each cuvée is crafted with the intention of reflecting its terroir with panache.

Some key figures

  • 70% export in 2016 Share of exports in 2016
  • 100 000 bottles Total annual production
  • 8,5 ha Domain area

"Beyond my deep respect for the vineyards and wines of Burgundy, I never forget that this divine beverage is a means to share moments of friendship. Our historical cellars can testify this, and we invite you to come and experience it with us."

Thibaut Marion