Our wines reflect the terroirs that have created them.

After limited intervention during winemaking, our wines are naturally matured in French oak casks. Lightly filtered, they keep their genuine organoleptic qualities.

Beaune "Cent Vignes"

Premier Cru BEAUNE Cent Vignes

    • Terroir

      Clay, iron and chalk , foothill and mid-slope, facing East in the northern part of Beaune. Vines are over 40 years old.

    • Winemaking & Maturation

      Hand-harvested, the grapes have fermented during 16 days and the wine has been matured in French oak for 12 months.

    • Wine description

      Open on the nose with seductive ripe fruit aromas, floral and toasted nuances. It is appealing on the palate, generous with soft tannins, fruit in there but not overpowering the wines. Good balance. Long aftertaste. Very pleasant.

    • Wine & Food

      To serve with poultry with morel sauce, veal sauce béchamel.

    • Ageing potential

      Best after 5-7 years and 10-15 years in good vintages

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